I'm Jason, a web developer learning more and more every day.


<Inactive> Due to a limitation presented by Discord and my general lack of time, I cannot continue working on this bot.

Discord chat bot made during the COVID-19 lockdowns and was my first real attempt at using Discord's API and Node.js.

Node.js JavaScript Discord

Ai Ohto


Discord chat bot based on the character Ai Ohto from "Wonder Egg Priority". Somewhat kinda similar to Zero Two.

Node.js JavaScript Discord

Fun Responses

<Inactive> Updates are incredibly sparce.

A API that I attempted to make as a way to get jokes, questions, and similar things. Originally for Melody, I expanded it to be public use on NPM, PyPI, and browsers.

Node.js JavaScript NPM Python PyPI

Zero Three

<Inactive> Deactivated since I never had a real use for it.

A Twitter bot to post anime quotes every couple hours. I was gonna add more features but then never got around to it.

Node.js JavaScript Twitter



A command-line parcel tracker powered by V and uses OneTracker's API.


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