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Ai Ohto BOT - Today at 7:35 AM

About Me!
I'm Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priorty but as a bot. Here's some information about me and this bot.
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The character "Ai Ohto" is from the anime "Wonder Egg Priority" produced by CloverWorks.


Command Arguments Use
/interact [type] [user] type: Cuddle, Dance, High Five, Hug, Kiss, Pat, Poke, Punch, Slap
user: @User#1234
Do interactions with other users
/ping - Replies with Pong!
/pride [flag] flag: Trans, Nonbinary, Gay, Lesbian, Asexual, Pansexual, Bisexual Put a pride flag over yours or someone else's profile picture
/randomcolor - Generates a random color for whatever you need
/stats [type] [user] type: Anime, Manga
user: MyAnimeList username
Get the MyAnimeList stats of a given user
/vote - Checks if the user has voted on