Fun Responses

A API that I attempted to make as a way to get jokes, questions, and similar things. Originally for Melody, I expanded it to be public use on NPM, PyPI, and browsers.

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Package on NPM

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npm install fun-responses

How to use:

const fun = require('fun-responses'); async function run() { console.log(' - Joke') console.log(await fun.joke()) console.log(' - Pickup Line') console.log(await fun.pickup()) console.log(' - Topic') console.log(await fun.topic()) console.log(' - Roast') console.log(await fun.roast()) console.log(' - Toast') console.log(await fun.toast()) } run()

Package on PyPI

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pip install fun-responses

Example Usage

import funresponses print(funresponses.joke()) print(funresponses.topic()) print(funresponses.pickup()) print(funresponses.roast()) print(funresponses.toast())